John Adams Kitchen Chemistry Set - GT6VTJ0R9

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  • 40 fun, safe experiments to cook up in the kitchen

  • Supports the National Curriculum

  • Includes Safety Poster

  • Instruction booklet

  • For ages 8+

  • Kitchen Chemistry is an experimental kit complete with a booklet and equipment to guide you through 40 fun, educational and safe experiments that can be carried out using ingredients and household products found in the kitchen.

    Box Contains

    1 x Goggles
    1 x PH strips
    1 x PH card
    1 x Powdered red & blue food colouring
    1 x Sand
    1 x Cress
    1 x Funnel
    3 x Test tubes
    1 x Test tube bung
    1 x Cardboard test tube holder

    John Adams Kitchen Chemistry Set - GT6VTJ0R9

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