Fisher Price Classics Movie Viewer - 9CU18CB8R

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  • Since 1930 Fisher Price has been making toys that have delighted children for generations; and now have reintroduced their most beloved Classics

  • From 1973, slide the cartridge in and turn the crank to watch in fast-action, slow motion, forward or backward; 2 cartridges, numbers and letters

  • Toys that make growing up a delight; with whimsy, action, sound and play patterns that encourage engaging, interactive play

  • Engineered with intrinsic play value, ingenuity and great value, durable long lasting toys that make growing up a delight

  • Take a trip back in time when toys were toys. Toys with intrinsic play value that encouraged adventure, stimulated the imagination, and created a sense of wonder and delight. Unplug and play, and lose yourself in the world of Fisher Price Classics. It’s hours of battery-free fun. Toys that let a kid be a kid.

    Fisher Price Classics Movie Viewer - 9CU18CB8R

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